Dresses for Wedding in Pakistan

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Dresses for Wedding in Pakistan

Elegance and Tradition of Wedding in Pakistan


Marriages in Pakistan aren’t just joyful occasions; they are grand fests filled with rituals, music, and vibrant colors. One of the most significant aspects of any Pakistani marriage is the vesture worn by the bridegroom, bachelor, and their families. Dresses for Wedding in Pakistan always have the great attraction all over the World because Pakistani weddings have their own traditional styles wedding dresses. In this composition, we will explore the world of dresses for Wedding in Pakistan, pressing the unique styles, traditions, and trends because all these things make these garments so special.

Traditional Pakistani Wedding Attire

Dresses for Wedding in Pakistan

Some of the traditional dresses for wedding in Pakistan are:

The Bridal Lehenga

The bridal lehenga is the star of the show. Because It is the popular wedding dress for Pakistani weddings. It’s a heavily embroidered and embellished skirt and blouse ensemble that exudes opulence. Traditional colors like red and maroon are popular choices for the bride’s lehenga.

Sherwani for the Groom

The groom usually wears a sherwani, a long, tailored coat-like outfit with intricate embroidery. Sherwanis come in various colors, but earthy tones and deep hues are favored.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Bridesmaids often wear colorful and coordinated outfits as a pakistani wedding dress that complement the bride’s attire. These dresses can range from lehengas to ghararas, adding to the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Fusion Bridal Wear

In recent years, there has been a surge in fusion bridal wear. This combines traditional elements with modern designs, making it perfect for brides who want to embrace both tradition and contemporary style.

Pastel Hues

While traditional colors remain popular, pastel shades like mint green, blush pink, and lavender are gaining traction, and add a refreshing twist to bridal dress. This is the beauty of Pakistani wedding dresses because Pakistani Bride give so beautiful and innocent look in every bridal dress.

Velvet Revival

Velvet is making a comeback in Pakistani wedding fashion because Brides are opting for velvet lehengas and sherwanis for a luxurious and regal look.

Dressing for Different Wedding Events

dresses for pakistani weddind

Mehndi Dresses

The mehndi ceremony calls for vibrant and cheerful attire. Brides often choose yellow or green outfits adorned with floral motifs, while grooms opt for simpler, embroidered kurta pajamas.

Barat Attire

For the main wedding ceremony, brides go all out with their lehengas, while grooms don the majestic sherwani. This is the time for the most intricate and heavy ensembles because this event is special for all these accessories.

Walima Outfits

The Valima is the reception party, and here, brides often go for lighter, more contemporary gowns, while grooms choose stylish suits or tuxedos.

Regional Variations of Pakistani Wedding Dresses

provincial dresses for pakistani wedding


In Punjab, brides prefer shalwar kameez with vibrant colors and intricate phulkari embroidery, while grooms opt for colorful turbans and waistcoats.


Sindhi brides are known for their striking ajrak prints, and grooms often wear kurta pajamas with rich, hand-embroidered embellishments because these dresses are their traditional dresses.


Balochi brides adorn themselves with traditional jewelry and wear vibrant dresses with mirror work, while grooms wear intricately designed sherwanis.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Brides from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa often choose bright and heavily embroidered wedding dresses, while grooms prefer to wear traditional Peshawari chappals.

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Pakistani Wedding Dresses Designs


Pakistani weddings are a magnificent blend of tradition and style because the dresses which Brides and Grooms wear during these celebrations, reflects this beautifully. From the bridal lehenga to the groom’s sherwani, each outfit tells a story of culture, elegance, and love because Pakistani wedding is the blend of all these things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the essential colors for bridal attire in Pakistan?

Traditionally, red and maroon are the preferred colors for bridal attire, but pastel hues are also becoming popular.

2. How do brides choose their wedding attire in Pakistan?

Brides often consult with designers and consider their style and the wedding’s theme before selecting their wedding dress.

3. Are there any unique accessories associated with Pakistani wedding attire?

Yes, brides often wear traditional jewelry like jhoomar (headpiece) and choker necklaces, while grooms opt for turbans and sehra (flower veil).

4. What is the significance of Mehndi dresses in Pakistani weddings?

Mehndi attire is colorful and vibrant, because it symbolizes the joy and celebration of the pre-wedding mehndi ceremony.

5. How has modern fashion influenced Pakistani wedding dresses?

Modern fashion has introduced fusion wear, pastel colors, and contemporary designs, giving brides and grooms more options to express their style while honoring tradition.

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