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Phulkari Dupatta

phulkari dupatta

Phulkari Dupatta is indeed a fascinating and traditional form of embroidery with a rich history in Punjab. Here is some additional information on the specialty and types of Phulkari Dupatta:

Phulkari dupatta is a traditional Punjabi needlework embroidery on a fabric. It is also crafted in other forms such as sarees, salwar suits, kurtis, stoles and juttis. It was the part of pakistani bridal dresses. The embroidery is done with colorful silken thread and a darn stitch on the back of khaddar, a coarse cotton fabric. This is the primary characteristic of this type of needlework.

Short History Of Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari embroidery was originally used on shawls and odhanis. However, it is now the most popular and iconic piece of bridal wear in the Punjab region of India. Brides in the region have been wearing phulkari dupattas on their wedding day for centuries.

The dupattas are typically decorated with flowers, animals, and geometric patterns. The designs are often symbolic of the bride’s hopes and dreams for her new life. Phulkari dupattas are a beautiful and meaningful tradition that is cherished by the people of Punjab.

Additional Details:

phulkari dupatta

Here are some additional details about phulkari dupattas:

  • The motifs used in the embroidery are often inspired by nature, like flowers, birds, and animals.
  • The colors used in the embroidery are typically bright and cheerful that reflect the bride’s happiness and excitement for her new life.
  • Phulkari dupattas are made from a variety of fabrics, but khaddar is the most traditional choice.
  • This is handmade embroidery, which makes each dupatta a unique and special piece.
  • Phulkari dupattas are a symbol of the bride’s beauty, grace, and strength. They are a cherished tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

Specialty of Phulkari Dupatta

The main characteristics of Phulkari embroidery is use of darn stitch on the wrong side of coarse cotton cloth with colorful silk thread. Traditionally, Phulkari was made of thick fabrics especially a thick cotton fabric known as khaddar. Nowadays, phulkari is doing on all kind of the fabric like chiffon and on light weight cotton also.  So Kamal clothing is also very popular in phulkari work. Punjabi women create innumerable alluring and interesting designs and patterns. They do this by their skilful manipulation of the darn stitch.

Types of Phulkari Dupatta

1. Senchi Phulkari                                                        phulkari dupatta


The senchi phulkari usually has jewellery or bird motifs. This authentic design is heavily embellished and this is why it is preferred as a bridal wear in many parts of our country. The Online Textile Courses will teach you different and easy ways to stitch this unique design.

2. Chhamas

Chhamas phulkari, a fabric adorned with both mirror work and embroidery, showcases the intricate craftsmanship. Craftsmen either stitch or paste mirrors onto the fabric that enhance its allure. They skillfully sew borders using yellow or grey-colored thread. You can acquire the art of this captivating embroidery because you can enroll in Textiles for Fashion Online Courses.

3. Neelak

 dupattas for women

Neelak Phulkari pairs well with metal or copper-colored borders because this type of Phulkari uses bright red or yellow-colored threads on a black or red background. It creates a striking contrast with the borders. Textiles & Fashion Design Online Courses can teach you how to make this beautiful Phulkari type.

4. Chope and subhar

Chope Phulkari is stitched on both sides of the fabric and features delicate embroidery along the edges and borders. On the other hand, Subhar Phulkari has motifs along the sides and in the center  because that make it easily distinguishable from other types of Phulkari.

Phulkari dupattas are not only a symbol of rich cultural heritage but also a beautiful expression of artistic skill and craftsmanship. Therefore, they continue to be a popular choice for brides in the Punjab region and beyond.



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